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Neon Dreams is a 4-Piece Electronic/Pop group that is looking to bring something different to the EDM world. Hailing from Halifax, NS, Canada, Neon Dreams takes the typical production/DJ format of an EDM gig and adds live instrumentals to bring an entirely different element to studio recordings and on-stage performances. While all 4 members of Neon Dreams work in-studio on the production and writing side of the music, during live performances they each take on their own specific and key roles. On stage, Frank Kadillac remains as the group's lead vocalist, Corey LeRue takes on the role of DJ/synth/live sampling, Matthew Sampson becomes the group's lead guitarist and Adrian Morris is on the drums/live sampling. While different from most EDM acts today, they fit right at home. Their music, which ranges vastly from Electronic Pop to hard-hitting club tracks, is unique to Canada's Atlantic coast and often borrows different sounds from many genres within the EDM world, further establishing the group's distinct style.




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